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Expatriate ResidenceThe world economy is moving away from the traditional economic system, where national markets were considered as distinct entities - which were isolated from each other by trade barriers, barriers of distance, time and culture - towards a modern economic system, where the national markets are merging into one huge global market. We therefore see the world as one vast market and that is why our staff comprises of both locals and expatriates. Our staffing strategy for the use of expatriate is to create international networks, decentralization and interaction between managers of different nationalities.

Our expatriates are well dedicated as they use strategic goals in meeting our company objectives hence drastically increasing the quality and quantity of our production. Our expatriates also help our organization to remove the imperfections of the market by being the liaison for our organization to the required market - especially by securing the transfer of technology and organizational development.

Our expatriates enjoy admirable compensation and benefit packages. We provide them with a lifestyle far above what the local employee enjoys and we enhanced their social integration as some of them even pick up on the Pidgin-English spoken locally. We also provided them with 24/7 security both within and outside the company. Their accommodation in particular is paramount to us and that is why we provided them with a gigantic edifice filled with desired luxuries.

Our expatriates give us the best of service at all times because they have confidence in the company as we have successfully taken care of their social, financial, and professional needs. Because of our transparency with our expatriates, they work freely with our local employees. Our expatriate continually enjoy the support our local employees in achieving the short-term and long-term goals of the company.

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