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Peter E. Venture Nig. Ltd Metal Division has become the leading manufacturing in Africa for Hurricane Lanterns 275 and 276 fair hand brand with daily production in excess of fifty thousand pieces of the various sizes of hurricane lanterns, burners 275/276, 235 and others lantern accessories. Our products are made to long lasting and excellent quality. They are dully certified by the Nigerian Quality Regulatory Agency. Standard Organization of Nigerian (SON) and therefore has been authorized to use the Nigerian Industrial Standards Certification Mark (NIS).

Our plastic products include - Pharmaceutical containers of all sizes, cosmetics plastic containers, coat hangers of assorted designs, shoe soles, cloth pegs, disposable take away food containers, multi colored drinking straws, yoghurt containers, pet bottles and containers, poly films and bags, plastics sheets of various thickness, nursery feeding bottles and accessories.

We are devoted to supplying our customers with complete high quality products at low price with quick delivery. Our products are popular in all big, medium and small markets around the country. They are equally popular beyond Nigeria markets.

Our new ultra modern table water bottling factory produces NAFDAC registered and authorized RockPetterT bottled table water and package water. The factory is also equipped with a TEN TON per day ICE BLOCK producing machine and COLD ROOM.



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